AirTag Wallet-Leather

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Color: Classic Brown

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Tag it. Ping it. Never Lose It!

A smart trackable wallet, ideal for sleek layout and speed card access. Track your wallet anywhere in the world by using the apple AirTag. The build in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards with a flick of a button and safeguard’s your information from theft.

Easy to Carry - The ultra-thin wallet is designed to fit directly in the pocket for easy carrying, and the leather wallet can be used to store cash.

Quick Card Access - Wallet comes with a discreet button which gives instant access to your cards whenever you need it with just a flick of a button.


Sleek and Minimal - Smart minimalist wallet supports RFID cards and various types of cards. It can hold up to 8 cards, which is very suitable for business cards, credit cards, driving licenses, etc. It is simple and stylish and easy to carry.

The airtag here is for display, there is no airtag in the package. Only Apple sells AirTags.

Customer Reviews

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Bijan Bader
“Add item” at checkout

I got the free case. Love it! Before checkout it asks to add additional. Saw the wallet and said sure. Apple tag wallet which i assumed was a wallet that connected or was magnetized to the phone. No! I have no need for a wallet with no actual apple tag and no magnet. I have 14 of those and they are MUCH BETTER quality. I feel swindled. I also ordered on January 3 or 4th and just now got it on the 19th. What did i pay for this cheap wallet that i could buy at a kiosk for 5 dollars?! Its a throwaway item without magnet.

Wells Lauren

Looks and feels good. Card flip works good and very small design.

Virginia Baker

Super practical, excellent value for money!

Paul Fernandez

Very poor gluing quality...

Please contact us and we would happy to replace if product is damaged.

Eugene Porter

Very good quality and strong, nice texture and smooth. It fits 6 cards or more, you can also put money. Fast shipping to Norway. I’m happy.