Smart CardHolder

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Color: Black

A smart wallet built for quick access!

This cardholder flips out your cards with a single click and consists of a pocket for emergency cash. Different colors to match perfectly with your Phone. Holds 1-6 cards.

Stylish and Sleek

Easy to fit even in skinny jeans. Even your wallet can make you look prestige.

Instant Access

With our card access mechanism, contents are quickly fanned out at the click of a button, making fumbling through your wallet a distant memory.



This wallet keeps your cards close and your data even closer. The integrated RFID blocking layer fends off data skimmers.

Minimalist Digital Nomad

The cardholder doesn't sacrifice a slim profile for extra storage. Say goodbye to traditional wallets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
Sara George

The size is ( small) compact but my old wallet is smaller :) The quality is acceptable but the wallet looks like a piece of metal ( metal box) in my pocket, unlike my old wallet (i-clip).

Russell Banks

It's pretty light, feels nice to touch and cards fit well, I'm glad it's so compact. So far I tried it with 4 cards and all right, the spring pulls them out well and you don't need to squeeze it that hard. We'll see how much it resists everyday use

Catherine Myers

Excellent product. recommend . can store 7 cards

Adam Butler

Excellent wallet and enter your pocket and take a large area .. Take in the card opener 8 cards and land in the pocket take 5 cards and cash cash I recommend

Keith Gray

Awesome wallet, i could not get happier lol that's so original and helps with my adhd too lol the design is so simple but perfect and the quality is so good!