Original E-ink Case

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Color: Black
Device Model: iPhone 15 Promax

Device Model

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Express Your Style on Demand: The Original E-Ink Case Offers Dynamic Appearance Changes at Your Fingertips"

With the Original E-Ink Case, your iPhone becomes a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to change its appearance anytime, anywhere. Embrace versatility and creativity as you effortlessly customize the look of your phone case with the DIY display E-Ink screen. Whether you're feeling bold, minimalist, or somewhere in between, the possibilities are endless. Simply upload your favorite images, patterns, or text to the E-Ink screen using the intuitive interface, and watch as your iPhone transforms before your eyes. From vibrant designs to subtle accents, the Original E-Ink Case enables you to showcase your unique style and personality with a simple tap, ensuring that your phone always reflects who you are.

Key Benefits:

Instant Personalization: Change the appearance of your iPhone case in seconds, allowing you to match your mood, outfit, or surroundings with ease.

Unlimited Design Options: Explore a vast library of images, patterns, and designs, or unleash your creativity by uploading your own custom artwork to the E-Ink screen.

Enhanced Protection: Not only does the Original E-Ink Case offer customizable style, but it also provides reliable protection for your iPhone against everyday wear and tear.

Interactive Experience: Engage with your phone case like never before, creating dynamic displays and interactive designs that capture attention and spark conversation.

How to Use:
Install the phone case on your device.
Activate your phone's NFC feature and download the "INKZONE" APP.
Choose your preferred image and project it onto the screen using the APP.
Once the projection is complete, your setup is done.  

Packing List:
Phone case * 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Eldred O'Reilly

Pretty darn cool, works great, but the photos won’t display clear for me, only option was Pixel, black and white for me

Jazlyn Okuneva

Very good packaging! It arrived at my house in 7 days and seems to be an interesting and good quality product.

Carlie Schowalter

Excellent quality, just like the description.

Gay Morissette

Cool case.

Deshawn Koch

Thank you a nice product.